BlimeyLimey Mojito - a great end to the summer! Posted on 26 Aug 17:08 , 0 comments

BlimeyLimey Mojito:

Here's a refreshing twist on a Mojito for the end of the summer ( or whenever you fancy one).


White rum (2 fingers for a strong one). Ice (crushed if possible). Fresh mint leaves (a small handfull - wash and 'clap' them in your hands before putting in the glass). Lime Juice (fresh is best but bottled pure juice will do). A heaped teaspoon of Timmy's Chillies BlimeyLimey. Stir. Add soda water as required. Enjoy!


P.S. We have this on our "Recipe" page also. The pics are not as good if you are watching on a Desktop, laptop, or tablet - better on mobile (where 56% of our sales come from), apologies folks. It's a 'platform' issue!