MangoNero baked Cheese:

The contrast between the creamy cheese and the fruity bite of MangoNero makes for a yummy food pairing.

Using your favourite bakeable cheese:

Score the cheese well (go beneath the rind, but not too far) with a cross. Place in a suitably sized ramekin or dish. Cook at 180c for 10 minutes (until the top layers begin to bubble a bit). Remove from the oven. Fold back the flaps created from scoring and create a well in the centre with a spoon. Spoon in Timmy's Chillies MangoNero (2 teaspoons approx dependent on size of cheese). Cook for another 10 minutes (until cooked throughout).

We used Foccacia bread to dip in (sliced into manageable bite sized pieces) that we warmed in the same oven for about 6 minutes.

Dip away and enjoy!

BlimeyLimey Mojito:

Here's a refreshing twist on a Mojito.


White rum (2 fingers for a strong one). Ice (crushed if possible). Fresh mint leaves (a small handfull - wash and 'clap' them in your hands before putting in the glass). Lime Juice (fresh is best but bottled pure juice will do). A heaped teaspoon of Timmy's Chillies BlimeyLimey. Stir. Add soda water as required. Enjoy!

The next tasty recipe has been created by Dave Mott, the fabulous Bath Chef De Party. Click the image below to check out his super website.

Thanks Dave!


Pork Meatballs with a Sticky AppleCrater Glaze


Meatball Ingredients:

750 grams Minced Pork

200 grams Finely grated Potato

100 grams Finely diced Red Onion

10 grams Crushed Garlic

10 grams Shredded Flat leaf Parsley

30 – 40 Fennel Seeds

Sea Salt

Cooking Oil (to fry the meatballs)

Glaze Ingredients:

250 mls. Cider

200 gram Jar of Timmy’s Chillies Apple Crater

Sea Salt


  • Finely grate the potato and place in a bowl of water to wash off any excess starch.
  • Strain the grated potato and squeeze firmly to express any water
  • Add the squeezed dried potato to the minced pork, fine diced onion, garlic, and shredded flat leaf parsley.
  • Season with sea salt
  • Thoroughly mix with your hands
  • Shape the mixture into balls with the palms of your hands. The balls should be about 25 grams in weight (which is approximately a teaspoonful). This mixture will make about 40 meatballs
  • Heat the cooking oil in a large pan
  • Carefully cook one meatball, allow it to cool and then taste it to make sure the seasoning is correct
  • Carefully place the remaining meatballs into the medium hot pan
  • Keep turning every 30 -40 seconds until the meatballs are cooked
  • Remove the meatballs from the pan and place onto a plate to keep warm
  • Wipe out any excess fat from the pan, and then add the Cider and AppleCrater.
  • Stir the Cider and AppleCrater together until you have a smooth sauce. Allow the sauce to bubble on a medium heat for a few minutes until it starts to thicken. Keep stirring to ensure the sauce doesn’t ‘catch’
  • Carefully return the warm meatballs to the pan, and stir in the sauce until they are coated.



Serve with stir fried vegetables and boiled rice, or as a ‘tapas’, or on a buffet.