Market Dates 2022 Posted on 3 Feb 15:30 , 0 comments

Hi folks,

We have been putting our diary of regular events together for 2022.

We will be sure to be adding more as the year progresses.

Looking forward to seeing you at some of the dates below.

All the very best, Tim.

Key: SFM = Somerset Farmers Markets, C&G = Cheese and Grain,

TBC = To be confirmed.

Here is our initial list:

Sat 5th Feb: SFM Midsomer Norton

Sat 12th: SFM Frome C&G

Sat 5th March: SFM Midsomer Norton

Sun 6th: Frome Independent - SFM upper pitch

Sat 12th March: SFM Frome C&G

Sat 19th March: SFM Nailsea

Sat 2nd April: SFM Midsomer Norton

Sun 3rd April: Frome Independent - SFM upper pitch

Sat 9th April: SFM Frome C&G

Sat 16th April: SFM Nailsea

Sun 1st May: Frome Independent - SFM upper pitch

Sat 7th May: SFM Midsomer Norton

Sat 14th May: SFM Frome C&G

Sat 21st May: SFM Nailsea

Sat 28th May: Eat Festival - Burnham on Sea

Sat 4th June: SFM Midsomer Norton

Sun 5th June: Frome Independent - SFM upper pitch

Sat 11th June: SFM Frome C&G

Sat 18th June: SFM Nailsea

Sat 2nd July: SFM Midsomer Norton

Sun 3rd July: Frome Independent - SFM upper pitch

Sat 9th July: SFM Frome C&G

Sat 16th July: SFM Nailsea

Sat 6th Aug: SFM Midsomer Norton

Sun 7th Aug: Frome Independent - SFM upper pitch

Sat 13th Aug: SFM Frome C&G

Sat 20th Aug: SFM Nailsea

Sat 3rd Sept: SFM Midsomer Norton

Sun 4th Sept: Frome Independent - SFM upper pitch

Sat 10th Sept: Frome Cheese Show (TBC)

Sat 17th Sept: SFM Nailsea

Sat 1st Oct: SFM Midsomer Norton

Sun 2nd Oct: Frome Independent - SFM upper pitch

Sat 8th Oct: SFM Frome C&G

Sat 15th Oct: SFM Nailsea

Sat 29th Oct: Eat Festival - Burnham on Sea

Sat 5th Nov: SFM Midsomer Norton

Sun 6th Nov: Frome Independent - SFM upper pitch

Sat 12th Nov: SFM Frome C&G

Sat 19th Nov: SFM Nailsea

Sat 3rd Dec: SFM Midsomer Norton

Sun 4th Dec: Frome Independent - SFM upper pitch

Wed 7th Dec: Henleaze Christmas Festival - Dublin Crescent Pitch (TBC)

Sat 10th Dec: SFM Frome C&G

Sat 17th Dec: SFM Nailsea

Sun 18th Dec: SFM Frome C&G Xmas (TBC)







TangerineScream back in stock! Posted on 6 Aug 09:37 , 0 comments

Hi folks,

Our popular and currently hottest product to date TangerineScream is now back in stock.

Order as part of a quartet or on its own.


We are back at markets and events 👍🌶️🍊🌶️ Posted on 26 Jun 10:20 , 0 comments

Hi folks,
We are trading at markets and events again.
This list will be updated as more events are added.

MarmaNaga Baked Chicken Posted on 10 Nov 13:52 , 0 comments

This is a warming and tasty recipe for Autumn andwinter.

MarmaNaga baked Chicken:

2 tbsp marmalade (preferably clementine marmalade)
1 tbsp olive oil
1/2 tbsp Dijon mustard
1 clove garlic, peeled and crushed
1 level tbsp freshly grated ginger
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
4-6 chicken thighs and/or drumsticks
2-4 clementines, or tangerines
1 tbsp chopped fresh parsley (if available)

To make this fab MarmaNaga Chicken recipe, preheat the oven to 200°C/400°F/Gas Mark 6.
In a large bowl, mix together the MarmaNaga, olive oil, mustard, garlic, ginger and seasoning. Slash the chicken skin diagonally 3 times in each thigh/drumstick. Add the chicken to the bowl and coat it in the marmalade mixture.
Spread the chicken pieces out in a large roasting tin and pour over any of the marmalade juices in the bowl.
Thinly slice the clementines, or tangerines, and place over the chicken pieces, pressing some in between the pieces.
Cover roasting tin with foil and place in the centre of the oven. Bake for 20 mins, then remove foil and bake for a further 30-40 mins, basting occasionally, until chicken is starting to turn golden and the juices run clear when flesh is pierced. Remove from the oven and sprinkle parsley over before serving.

4 flavours available at Pensford Post Office Posted on 20 Oct 14:06 , 0 comments

If you are driving between Wells an Bristol you will more than likely pass through Pensford. Take a few minutes to stop in at the Pensford Post Office where they are stocking 4 of our most popular flavours.

The post office is very well and safely run. Friendly owners and staff. Find our jars near the 'spice' section, or ask a member of staff.



StrawBonnet back in stock 🍓🌶️👍 Posted on 19 Sep 13:25 , 0 comments

You asked for it. We made it. Over 12kgs of fresh Cheddar Strawberries in a hundred jar small batch. The huge amount of fruit has created a smooth, saucy, incredibly fruity product with a scotch bonnet finish. Not wildly hot, but wildly flavoursome. Enjoy! 🌶️🍓🌶️🍓🌶️🍓👍😀

MangoNero Baked Cheese Posted on 26 Aug 17:42 , 0 comments

Here's another fab idea for using MangoNero:

MangoNero baked Cheese:

The contrast between the creamy cheese and the fruity bite of MangoNero makes for a yummy food pairing.

Using your favourite bakeable cheese:

Score the cheese well (go beneath the rind, but not too far) with a cross. Place in a suitably sized ramekin or dish. Cook at 180c for 10 minutes (until the top layers begin to bubble a bit). Remove from the oven. Fold back the flaps created from scoring and create a well in the centre with a spoon. Spoon in Timmy's Chillies MangoNero (2 teaspoons approx dependent on size of cheese). Cook for another 10 minutes (until cooked throughout).

We used Foccacia bread to dip in (sliced into manageable bite sized pieces) that we warmed in the same oven for about 6 minutes.

Dip away and enjoy!

BlimeyLimey Mojito - a great end to the summer! Posted on 26 Aug 17:08 , 0 comments

BlimeyLimey Mojito:

Here's a refreshing twist on a Mojito for the end of the summer ( or whenever you fancy one).


White rum (2 fingers for a strong one). Ice (crushed if possible). Fresh mint leaves (a small handfull - wash and 'clap' them in your hands before putting in the glass). Lime Juice (fresh is best but bottled pure juice will do). A heaped teaspoon of Timmy's Chillies BlimeyLimey. Stir. Add soda water as required. Enjoy!


P.S. We have this on our "Recipe" page also. The pics are not as good if you are watching on a Desktop, laptop, or tablet - better on mobile (where 56% of our sales come from), apologies folks. It's a 'platform' issue!

Markets update Posted on 26 Aug 12:11 , 0 comments

Hi Folks,

We are now starting to trade at Markets again, along with our online store.

Find us at Frome Cheese and Grain on the 2nd Saturday of every month. Currently the market is being held on the patio outside the venue, but we hope to return inside the building when allowed. It is well run and there is a one way system. Hand gel is provided at the entrance. Entrance as ever, is free.

Also hoping to trade at 'Eat Festival' Burnham on Sea on October 24th in the Methodist Chapel, yet this will be dependent on the venue being allowed to host us.

Although we were regular traders at Wells (prior to lockdown), and have had our pitch held for us; we are having to wait until there is a space. Due to social distancing there is currently not enough room for us.

We are looking into other outdoor venues and will update this page with details.

Hope to see you soon.

Covid 19 - please order online for national/overseas or by phone for local delivery Posted on 19 Mar 10:51 , 0 comments

Hi Folks,

During the Covid 19 outbreak we have already seen many markets and food shows being cancelled.

We are now trading online and taking phone orders for local delivery.

If you would like to order via telephone please call Tim on 07816815608.

Be assured that we are keeping to the strictest hygiene procedures and wish you and your families and friends all the very best during this difficult time.

We will also post when we know more about possible market reopenings in the future.

Hope to hear from you soon.